Health First Initiative is a group of highly trained Registered Massage Therapists who will come to your workplace. Your employees will receive a relaxing yet energizing massage.

As many organizations are looking to be an employer of choice, companies are searching for creative ways to recruit and keep top talent in this competitive job market. Health First Initiative can provide many benefits to employees from stress management to relaxation techniques. Massage therapy from HFI promotes employee retention by creating an environment where people feel valued.


"In our chronic care facility we have noticed profound effects from massage therapy. The recipient has always been left feeling relaxed and with a smile on their face. Thanks to HFI (Health First Initiative Inc.), patient care is much easier to manage" Mary Maio- RPN West Park Healthcare Centre

"I definitely underestimated the positive impact massage therapy would have on our associates. It has sent a strong message that we care about their health and recognize the stress they are facing with their day-to-day responsibilities, at BD and at home"

Sandy Fallon - Director Human Resources BD